Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom redo

I've been lazy about posting pictures of our new house (it still feels new, even though we've been here 6 months, so I'll just count it as new) cause, well, each room still has *something* that needs finishing. But, spring is here, and I'm inspired to start finishing all those little projects. Ah, yard sales and sunny days to spray paint. What could be better? So, I'll start with the bathroom. Very exciting, I know. But, it's compact, which means it was finished first, and I like the way it turned out. Which is good. Cause it's the only one I've got. *smiles*
My bathroom has pink and gray tile. Very vintage. Very cool. Very hard to wrap my head around decorating with. So, I started with this fabric. It's a beloved piece from the master bedroom bedding. We bought this with wedding money, and I've yet to find something I like better (I'm on the lookout because my duvet is almost threadbare). So, 10 years later, and I still love it. Better for me, there are small bits of both pink and gray in there, so it really ties the bathroom together.
These hooks are from IKEA. I'm not a crazy contemporary girl, but I like the clean, traditional lines of the hooks, and they worked well for this awkward little spot as you enter the bathroom. The painting above it is from a high school friend. She's a wonderfully talented artist, and I love the piece.
My mom made hooded, monogrammed towels for my boys after I fainted when I saw the prices that they command in the store. As always, thank you, mom!
I'm most pleased with this rug. I debated and debated what to do about a bathroom rug. And, then, one day, I was perusing Young House Love, and I found my inspiration. This version is from IKEA, and it was a whopping $4.99. This is good, because one bathroom plus 3 muddy little boys, one muddy husband, and one muddy dog, well, that's going to equal frequent bath mat replacement. But for 5 bucks, I'm okay with that.
In a house long, long ago, I had this very boring shower curtain. It was "natural", tab topped, and seriously, I think I bought it at Target around 11 years ago. I'm sure it was Target, because 11 years ago, I had that store memorized. I think I had one of everything. Oh, how times will change on you. Next thing you know, you look up, and you haven't been to Target in 6 months. Crazy. Anyway. I dyed that sucker chocolate brown, then added some fringe to the bottom. I like the way it turned out. I'm debating having an initial monogrammed in the middle, but for right now, I like the way it looks.
The room IS pink, so I added some of my childhood pretties. They don't really fit anywhere else in my house, so I'm enjoying them in the bathroom. This is a cross-stitch my mom did for me that was in my room as a teenager. It says "make a joyful noise", and it's one of my favorites.
A little valence. We also have blinds, but we leave them open most of the time. This window is surprisingly well situated, and it is decently private.
This is the view when I want to see some girly-ness and remember that I am a grown-up. This is the rest of my pink pretties from my childhood.
And this is the scene when I remind myself that I share the bathroom with three little boys. These little metal baskets work well for the bath toys. They drain and dry quickly, and their small size keeps the toy numbers in check (cause sometimes I am cramming 3 boys and their toys into one bathtub--not a ton of room in there!).
This shot gives you a good look at what I had to start with--pink and gray, oh my. The little painted milk glass was picked up at a festival a million years ago. I love the happy flowers. Another girl touch in a house of boys.
And there you have it. Vintage 50s fun meets a traditional, use-what-you-have kind of girl. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the most popular room in our house!


hidden art of homemaking said...

wow..you done good....loving that shower curtain...and the whole room looks really good...I like your style.... :-)

4kids1mom said...

Looks great. I like the colors!

tammy said...

Great job of pulling it all together. I love that you are still keeping a little girl touch in there. :) Also, Kristin and I love that Young House Love blog. It's fun to see what they come up with. Thank you for sharing a bit of your house.