Thursday, November 5, 2009

Date night

For us, part of what makes date night special is a splurge here and there. We eat lots of beans during the week, and sometimes I leave off the cheese or nuts, especially if I think that we won't miss it (and we rarely do). We feel like we eat really well, and we're usually excited about supper.

But, for date night...

We're even more excited! This salad had two of our favorites...avocado and black olives. Yum!

We enjoyed old school pink lemonades. Lemonade flavored with maraschino cherry juice, topped by one of the cherries.

And delicious grilled steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus! We're usually local, in season, eaters (trying to be trendy and all....hahaha....really, I'm just cheap), so asparagus in November is a BIG treat. One that we enjoyed to the very last bite.

Thanks for dropping in on our modest little splurges! Splurge on someone you love this week. That cherry in their drink might be just the thing to tell someone you love them!

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Lisa said...

OMG! I am sooo wanting to eat that plate of food - it looks delicious!

Thanks for sharing your date night meals. I like the way you have found a way to have a special evening with a special meal and not leave the house.