Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This has been a Monday already! Luckily for me, the Tomato King has a four day weekend coming up, which means an extra set of hands, and (probably more importantly) an extra brain to stay one step ahead of three very curious little boys. Yay for holidays!

Friday--brunswick stew, bread
Saturday--hot dogs (lunch), burritos with chipotle pork, sweet potatoes, collards (supper)
Sunday--tacos with chorizo, potatoes, and eggs (lunch), taco salad (supper)
Monday--curried chickpeas, rice, Indian style eggplant
Tuesday--chicken and rice, salad, chard
Wednesday--fend for yourself! Mama has a shellfish cooking class.
Thursday--burritos with skirt steak, pintos, Mexican rice, and tomatillo chipotle salsa

As always, I'm linked to Orgjunkie's MealPlanMonday. Check it out for lots and lots of meal planning ideas.

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Ask Ms Recipe said...

You've got a great menu this week. I have to say the brunswick stew is my favorite this week. Don't forget to add your link to my Marvelous Menu Meme Linky so I can come visit you too.