Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu Planning

What would Monday be without the menu plan? In my house, I usually write it out on Thursdays, then grocery shop on Fridays. But, it seriously becomes my brain. When I sit down to plan my week, I try to arrange the easy meals for days that I know I'll need those, the oven meals for days the weather is colder, and so on. (**disclaimer** those are the good weeks**)

Real life often involves things like your dog eating your dinner on an average Sunday night or eating up all the freezer meals as you recover from a crazy hard hitting (but thankfully short) cold that winds its way through your household. I'm looking forward to a quiet week!

Friday: steamed dumplings, hot and sour soup

Saturday: leftovers (lunch), take out pizza (supper)

Sunday: leftover pizza (lunch), big salads with grilled chicken, black beans and corn (the dog really loved the chicken!) (supper)

Monday:venison stew over egg noodles

Tuesday: chicken country captain, rice, salad

Wednesday: tamale pie

Thursday: a white bean stew similar to this, but not quite

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