Friday, October 2, 2009

Date Night Gourmet Style

Remember I was bored with some of the drinks I was making??

So, I cracked open an old cookbook and found a new recipe. Gimlets are old fashioned cocktails, made of gin and lime and sugar. And, honestly, on a Saturday night, drinking a virgin Gimlet sounds way cooler than limeade. We have lots of basil still producing, so I decided to try it with the lime. A definite winner.

So, here's our virgin basil lime gimlet. Good stuff.

Part of the reason that my dear husband turned into the tomato king. Along with salsa and spaghetti and 100 quarts of tomatoes stacked neatly in the basement. But, we always return to the basil and tomato salad. This is our last one of the season. Darn floods got our tomatoes. Oh, I am already longing for next summer!

This night, we had a coursed dinner. So, salad, then cream of onion soup with garlic parsley croutons.

Followed by salmon vera cruz style.

And my favorite ice cream. I don't care if it is store bought. I waited for the Blue Bell man to get it fresh off the truck for me. Totally worth it. It's gooooooooood.

This week, my sweet husband is going to the game on Saturday afternoon, so he'll be home late. So, I'm thinking of dessert and coffee. Stay tuned, and I'll show you what I make!

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