Monday, January 4, 2010

Eat from the pantry

I have an enormous pantry. It's my mother's fault. Her pantry puts mine to shame. And, don't tell her you know, but sometimes, if I'm over there, and I'm out of an ingredient for supper, I'll just shop from hers. My stepdad seems to have caught on to my pilfering, and so I have to do it in secret. But, the temptation is just too great! There are all sorts of great things in there.

As there are in mine, too!
So, this month, I'm going to join Money Saving Mom and FishMama in their Eat from the Pantry Challenge. I normally spend $300 month on food ($150 every 2 weeks). So, I'm attempting to cut that in half and spend $150 this month. Those crazy children of mine still feel the need for milk and bananas, after all.

We had some car repairs back in November that depleted our emergency fund. We've been working on getting it back to normal, and this extra $150 will be helpful in getting us there.

Do you have a pantry that overflows? Join the challenge!! There are lots of other folks from all over joining in. And check back to see how we do as the month continues.


tammy said...

Unfortunately, we've been eating out of the pantry the past few months! Yesterday, Mike and I cleaned out all the cabinets and organized and I just do not have enough stuff in there to try this challenge. Makes me a tad jealous though...I've been reading about it for days! :oP Have fun...I will be watching to see how you do. Oh...and I do hope to cut my expenses this year, just won't be drastic enough to blog about.

Anonymous said...

I decided to join the challenge last week...LOL I have been wondering when things least I now know I am not as forgetful as I thought....but this month I am keeping a CLOSE eye on the pantry.. Lol I love you, my dear daughter...