Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Food!

We're not the most social people. Especially on a school night. And especially around an event like the Super Bowl, which I embarassingly only watch for the commercials.


I couldn't let an opportunity for party food pass us by! So, we had a party with the four of us, and we thoroughly enjoyed our Super Bowl food, while watching commercials. *grin*

No party is complete without salsa, of course. This time of year, I used canned tomatoes. Sometimes I roast tomatoes myself, but this was a Sunday afternoon, people. That's my lazy day of the week, and I took the easy way out. This is my favorite mixture, which is one can fire roasted, mixed with one can Rotel. Very similar to Pioneer Woman's salsa.

A thing of beauty!
Guacamole, to go with our salsa and chips. We like a dash of cumin in the guacamole.

Not such a thing of beauty. But, delicious nonetheless.

These pigs in a blanket were declared "the best food ever, Mama!" by my 3 year old. Yes, we have very discriminating palates in my house.

And, this, my dear readers is queso. The ever popular Velveeta and Rotel. I've had it before, but never made it. It was one of those things that I just *needed* desperately. But, by the time I made it, it wasn't so appealing. Chalk that one up to pregnancy hormones. Oh, well. I lived.

1 can fire roasted tomatoes...on sale (Kroger last week)...$0.25
1 can Rotel....rocking coupon deal (Publix)....$0.04
1 jalapeno, seeded....$0.20
1/4 bunch cilantro....$0.13
1/2 onion....$0.15
juice of 1/2 lime...half of $0.25
chips (Aldi)..$1

2 avocadoes...(Aldi)...$0.69 x 2
juice of 1/2 lime...half of $0.25
dash cumin

Pigs in a blanket
little smokies...on sale...$2
crescent rolls (Aldi)...$1.79

velveeta...on sale...$1.85
1 can Rotel...$0.04

Total cost for our party for 4 (with enough leftovers for lunch today).....$9.08

Not too shabby for an occasional making memories type meal. Hope y'all had a great Super Bowl Sunday!!

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tammy said...

What a great deal! We have enough leftovers today, too. I told everyone...I am NOT cooking anything new today. They are fine with it. :) We need some room in there anyway...I can't even see half of what's in there!LOL