Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Another week....and today starts an exciting month. I'm having baby number 3 exactly one month from today. So, the 31 day countdown has begun!! Yikes. I'm excited and scared, and this time, I know that you can't possibly be *really* prepared for a new baby, so I'm trying to be all laid back about the changes that are coming. But, it's exciting, nonetheless. All that to say, I'm still doubling recipes for the freezer here and there in hopes of making things easier the first few weeks of June and July.

My favorite grocery store had lettuce on sale for $0.49/head this week, so lots of salads, too.

Friday: patty melts, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob

Saturday: out (lunch), homemade pizza (supper)

Sunday: chicken ala king over biscuits (lunch), Italian wedding soup (supper)--doubled for the freezer

Monday: chicken alfredo with broccolini and peas, salad

Tuesday: crawfish etouffee, rice, some sort of sauteed mirlitons, salad

Wednesday: crunchy tacos, strawberry shortcake (going strawberry picking this day!)

Thursday: chana masala, rice, naan bread, yogurt chutney (an overload of carbs, but it'll taste good!)

As always, check out orgjunkie for lots more meal plans and menu ideas!

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