Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!

This is an exciting week for us....I only need to plan the first part of the week. The second part of the week will be taken care of with HOSPITAL FOOD! Yep, that's right, peeps, I'm headed to the hospital early Thursday morning to meet our newest little blessing. And, I can't wait!! Today (Monday) is technically my due date, but my children (like their mama) don't really do things on time. This time, though, I've figured that out, and we have an eviction date. With #2, I didn't plan an eviction date, and we waited 12 long days for him. The poor 3rd child doesn't get that luxury.

Our garden is starting to produce, and my mother's garden looks fabulous!! I've been enjoying some wonderful hakurei turnips this spring. I think I've eaten every single one raw, with salt. Mike got to taste one! And, my mom had a ripe tomato yesterday, and Mike promises one this week. Tomato season with the Tomato Family. Ah, it doesn't get much better than this!

Friday: beans and rice, pico de gallo

Saturday: bagels (breakfast), shrimp coktel (lunch), shrimp po'boys (supper)

Sunday: blueberry pancakes, bacon (breakfast), out (lunch), pasta salad (supper)

Monday: burritos with collards, roasted red potatoes, roasted baby patty pan squash, roasted chicken, and salsa

Tuesday: stuffed zuchinni, boiled potatoes with herbs, turnip greens, salad

Wednesday: chicken tettrazini, salad


Friday: my favorite take out near the hospital

Saturday: spaghetti (from the freezer), cupcakes (to celebrate the baby's birthday, of course)


Dawn said...

Woo Hoo! Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Tomato Family!

Hautemama said...

Wow! How exciting! Congrats!

Pamela said...

I was just going to say that it will be so exciting to meet your newest little so forward to Thursday for you!!!