Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected blogging break

A girl with no camera is a sad blogger indead!! First, it was a lost battery charger (which was so thrilling to find!), and then, it was something wonky with the memory card. But, hopefully, my camera woes are behind me, and things are good. I really love this camera, so I'm hoping for a little more time with it. We'll see. It's probably time to start a Dave Ramsey envelope titled "camera" just in case. Cause everyone knows you must have a camera. There is no blog without one. And, that just can't be.

We travelled to see my inlaws last weekend, getting home late Sunday night (it's a 6 hour without kids, 8 hours with kids drive). And, my husband only works 3 days this week. So a little wonky. Plus, Thanksgiving of course and shopping the day after with my mom. One very good thing for us is that my mom isn't a fan of leftovers. So, we'll get the turkey carcass. Last year, I scooped up that sucker and made the turkey gumbo that I'd read about in lots of magazines and books. And, yes, it was really all that. So, I'm definitely doing that again.

Monday--fancy venison stew, wild rice, zuchinni
Tuesday--Mexican rice skillet, roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potato
Wednesday--fettucini alfredo
Thursday--mostly on my mom (thank you mom!), but I'm contributing a new-to-us three onion casserole. It has Alouette cheese and havarti. It sounds great.

And, just because it's interesting, I'll put what I know we're having. We have about 80% of the old faithfuls, and a few new things, too.
Relish plate--olives, stuffed celery (with onion cream cheese--sounds gross, tastes good), pickled peaches
Dressing (similar to Paula Deen's)
giblet gravy
cranberry sauce (it's a little overboard--the smooth kind for my brother, whole berry for most folks, and some years, a jello cranberry "salad" that never gets eaten, but makes great leftovers)
sweet potatoes
butter beans
this oh so fancy and good cake from a local bakery
(and yes, my family doesn't eat mashed potatoes nor pumpkin pie--we'd tell you those are yankee things. And we might smile. But definitely for yankees.)

Friday--tacos de pastor (pre-marinated meat from the store--an easy meal for a shopping day)
Saturday--turkey gumbo

And, just because, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of this cutie. He's just as happy as this picture looks. He had his moments, but by far the best traveling baby I've had. He's sooo good natured. I feel really blessed.

As always, I'm linked to orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday. I can't wait to see what other people are making for Thanksgiving week.


Dawn said...

How did he get that big already? He's such a precious boy!

Miz Helen said...

Your week looks great. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with that precious little one.

Jon said...

The leftovers are mine I tell! Mine!!!

Julie said...

Your menu looks great...I'm trawling for ideas for the upcoming week! I'm following you now...mostly to see more pictures of that adorable little guy! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!