Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Last week, my husband took off Monday for the holiday, and my sister-in-law (plus her mother-in-law) visited us on Sunday afternoon through the day on Monday. It was a lot of fun seeing her, and she thinks my three boys are the best nephews ever, so they love seeing her. But, that little change to our routine threw us off all week. It didn't help that the week before had been Snowpocalypse, and I got awfully used to having another set of hands at home.

Today, I am determined to see the bottom of both my laundry hamper (meaning it's all done) and the baskets (meaning it's all put away!).

But, luckily for me, I had a menu plan. It sounds hokey, but I really love my menu plan, and it takes a lot of the thinking out of the late afternoons, which is a good thing. Somehow, my children can entertain themselves at any time of day except two (and they are a big two!). When I am on the phone (what's up with that??!!??) and, again, when I am peering into my pantry wondering what's for supper. I'm all about removing anything that makes my life harder, so a menu plan is a beautiful thing to remove that stress.

Friday--bean tostadas
Saturday--lunch--out for $2.50 Vietnamese sandwiches at this fun place ; supper--fish tacos
Sunday--lunch--asparagus omelets, sausage, homefries, toast; supper--chicken pot pie
Monday--Italian wedding soup
Tuesday--free Moe's to celebrate a grand opening (woohoo! I'm excited about this one)
Wednesday--Thai red curry with pork, snow peas, and scallions, rice
Thursday--lemon chicken pasta (from Confessions of a Foodie Bride whom I discovered last week through Menu Plan Monday at I don't have artichokes, so I'll leave those out, and I'm not sure what to do about the cream. I might replace it with an alternate milk, and I might leave it out. I'll just see when the time comes.

And that's this week in a nutshell. If you need inspiration for your menus, check out orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday as always. And, even if you make the same things every week, a glimpse onto the plates of 400 different bloggers is always fun.

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