Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Much Anticipated Cheap Fun

We've had a zoo membership to our local zoo for the last year (it just expired last week). And every time, we would go, my boys would look longingly at the kiddie rides at the end of the zoo. There was a train, a carousel, and a rock climbing wall. We rode the train a few times, but I tried to set up the expectation that we were there for the *zoo*, and the (extra cost) rides were just that. Extra. For special occasions. And, mostly, this attitude worked well for us all year.

My big boys was really, really enthralled with that rock climbing wall, though. Thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. So, when his tooth fell out, and he got some money, he knew exactly where he was going to spend it.

He suited up, and he was ready to climb.

And climb he did! He made it about 2/3 up the wall. Not bad for a not-quite-5-year-old.

Then, he got to rappel down the side of the rock. Lots of fun (and I think a little scary!).

I'm so proud of him for both climbing and learning the lesson of doing fun, extra stuff as a special extra, not an everyday. He's a great kid.


tammy said...

Way to go!! Looks like he enjoyed himself. I remember my boys when they were his age. So sweet!!

hidden art of homemaking said...

awww my sweet these pictures...

Dawn said...

He's growing up! I'm sure he enjoyed that rock wall even more because he paid for it with his own money. What a sweet boy!

Katie Griffin said...

Nice job! I'm impressed! I just climbed a similar looking rock climbing wall (for the 1st time ever!!) while I was in Orlando. It was fun, but certainly not as easy as he made it look in the pictures. :)