Sunday, June 5, 2011


picture courtesy of my cool mom. Aren't her lilies beautiful?

This week's date night was solo, a very rare thing indeed. My husband took my two older boys to visit his parents for the weekend. This was the first time he's taken them on a road trip, one of the first times the younger has spent the night away from me, and certainly the first time in a VERY long time that I've had two nights in a row all alone.

Ah, the quiet.

It's been a great weekend! I feel so refreshed and ready to jump back into the fray of parenting three sweet little boys who have more energy than anyone should be allowed. And a weekend of no cooking, a long window shopping trip, three farmers' markets to explore, and a huge big thick book. Hey, honey, don't you need to take the boys to your parents again soon??
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hidden art of homemaking said...

you surely DESERVED this weekend of quiet...YOU have way more energy and patience than any one woman should possess...:-) I love you..

tammy said...

I still FONDLY recall the WEEK(yes, WEEK!!) that my dear husband and ALL three boys left the house for scout camp. I remained home with 2 month old Kristin. It was one of my absolute fav. weeks, but by Saturday morning I was more than ready for the gang to come home. :) Glad you had a little break there!!