Friday, September 25, 2009

Date night!

This year, we (I use that pronoun so generously--we all know that the garden is Mike's baby) planted poblanos for the first time. With one dish in mind.

Queso fundido.

Mike loves it so much that he chose it as his birthday meal. And, really? What's not to love? It's so good. So melty. So cheesy. Soooo tasty. As soon as there were enough poblanos to roast, it went on the menu.

Once again, my old friend, you didn't disappoint.

We had more homemade salsa to top the queso with, although it's good with just a bit of hot sauce. I can't let an opportunity to eat tomatoes go by, so salsa it was. Sadly, our tomatoes did not survive the great flood of 2009, so this was the last fresh pico de gallo of the year. I'll miss you!! Can't wait until next summer!!

I hope that your last date night was a good one! I've been slacking on the drinks for the last 2 weeks. Time to break out a cookbook for some inspiration.

But, as always, even if we are eating ramen and drinking water, just loving my husband and talking to him with no internet, no magazines, and a dedicated early kiddie bedtime makes Saturday night my favorite night of the week.


Rebecca said...

I'm overlooking where the recipe for Queso Fundido might be located. Can you point it out to me? Link to it on the post? Looks very yummy!

And I printed off the Hot Fudge Cake, could be dangerous.

Betsy said...

Rebecca, it's really good!

And try that hot fudge cake, too. Yum!

Chubby Bunny Club Phase 2 said...

Can you send me the recipe for Queso fundido. I cant find it on your blog, just the yummy picture...