Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pregnant Date Night

We had one last date night (last? They are so very rare these days.... But, one date night when we knew that we'd be all alone, without a sweet nursling to worry about) during this pregnancy.

Usually, for date night, we're all about the cool and trendy. Maybe not so trendy, but definitely cool and hip and local and, mostly, ethnic. We like non-chain places. Places with character.

But, ya'll.

There is no defending the taste of a pregnant woman. For this date night, we fulfilled a craving I had had for months.

Yes, as my grandparents called it, the R and L.

I think I ate 3 baskets of rolls. I'm sure Mike had one. They even let me bring 3 home. They were eaten for breakfast the next day.

Ah, nothing like a pregnant craving fulfilled.

Thanks, Mike, for always being willing to jump outside our (local, trendy, non-chain) box to have a great time with me! I can't wait to jump into this adventure of 3 babies with you, too!


tammy said...

I'm glad you got that craving covered! :) I'm so excited for ya!!!! Praying for you and your family and looking forward to reading updates tomorrow.

Mona said...

cute post Mama you

Pamela said...

awww...loved your date night post!

Dawn said...

So sweet! :) Love it!