Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family valentines

Growing up, we always celebrated Valentine's Day in some way. My mom always did something special, some years a meal or a dessert, and once I remember a special shirt with hearts all over it. I think it's her favorite holiday. So, it seems odd to let the day pass by. And, I do love some Valentine's Day, so this year, we tried to celebrate all day long. Over the past week, we have worked on memorizing an appropriate Bible verse, and that was our overriding theme this year.

Love one another.
1 John 3:14

I started the day by packing a special lunch for Mike. Isn't this sparkling cider so cute? I found it at Kroger, and I knew that I had to have it for his lunch box.

Our oatmeal got special treatment.

These hearts have been used for many, many years, all through the house on Valentine's Day (I think the first year was 2003). They still bring a smile.

Valentine's presents for three special little boys.

Even the peanut butter got in on the action.

We spent the morning making Valentine's.

Our beloved mascot.

Our table all decorated for a Valentine's supper.

I brought out the special red glasses for this night. The boys were delighted to drink our special drink (which, in all honesty, was Kool Aid. Don't be a hater).

My sideboard decorated for the day as well.

With a sweet picture of two very, very young love birds. This was early in our dating life. I never would have predicted 3 little boys, a house about 3 miles from the apartment we were standing in, and a whole lot of great memories in the meantime.

And, of course, everyone's favorite part....brownies for dessert!

I hope your family's celebration of Valentine's Day was fantastic as well.

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Mona said...

you are SUPER WOMAN...love to read your memories and see your home....building memories for a family....love you