Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Menu Plan April 18

It's been a busy two weeks around here. Some spring cleaning, breaking into two new playgroups (!), and just the general call of the outdoors. So, a tiny bit neglectful of my blog. Ah, well, life happens, right?

I still menu plan, though. It helps to get my thoughts out, make sure that we're eating things I like, and it certainly helps with the "who can think in this chaos" 5pm blues. This is a good thing.

Friday--beans and greens with farfelle pasta (cannelini beans and spinach)
Saturday--birthday lunch at my mom's, fajitas (supper)
Sunday--hot dogs (lunch), frozen Chinese food (yes, it was bad), eggrolls, stir fry of zuchinni, red pepper, and basil
Monday--Thai chicken salad
Tuesday--Italian sausages, sauteed onions and peppers, pasta, salad
Wednesday--Mike's birthday. Old El Paso style tacos, with ground beef and refried beans, lemon cupcakes, and limeade
Thursday--red beans and rice with ham and andouille, salad, bread

And, even though it's a day late, I'm still linked to Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday. Tuesday works, too.

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