Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan April 25

Last week, we celebrated Easter with my extended family, and we had a ham. A very good ham, I might add, but ham nonetheless. I also swung by Honey Baked Ham this week to buy a bone to make my red beans and rice. So, with all that ham, I decided we'd have something else for Easter dinner. I settled on a slow roasted eye of round roast I saw on America's Test Kitchen. They called it oven roast on a pot roast budget. It was an odd, odd recipe, but it turned out really well, and we loved it. I'll definitely make it again.

Our greens have also prodouced really well this year. I just harvested the last of the lettuce yesterday. I've got collards, chard, kohlrabi, and cabbage in the fridge right now, as well as the lettuce. Lots of greens. :)

Fri-(our last meatless Friday!) bean burritos
Sat-birthday party (lunch), take out (supper)
Sun-ham omelets, home fries, fruit salad (lunch), roast beef , salad, asparagus, sweet potatoes, french bread, watergate salad (Easter dinner)
Mon-red beans and rice (they got bumped last week), salad
Tues-something that involves leftover roast beef and greens, as yet undecided
Wed-meatballs in brown gravy over rice, stir fried broccoli and greens
Thurs-black beans, rice, and chicken, collards of some sort (I bet all this will end up tasting Mexican inspired)

As always, I am linked to orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday.

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