Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Photos

Many, many thanks to Lesley at Sweet Peas and Sprouts Photography for patiently capturing our family recently. We love the way the pictures turned out!

And here's the backstory. These are our very first family pictures. My oldest went through a terrible (awful, very bad!) stage of running away in public from about 11 months old to age 3 or so. And, really, running away just makes it sound cute. It was more like "bolt from your arms, not use any sense, and run as fast as you can". Almost every picture I have of him from those ages is in his high chair or in the stroller. We didn't think that would make for great formal pictures. Just sayin'.

And, then number 2 came along. From a very, very early age, if a stranger so much as looked at him, he cried. And, again, that's a cute way to say "he hid his head and sobbed gut-wrenching, horrid cries until you picked him up and hid him under your skirt". Yeah. Fun times.

But, then, happy Sir Squishy was born. He is the grace that tells me I might not be doing everything wrong after all. He is definitely one that pulls us together and let me know we could handle family pictures. I'm so glad! I love the way they turned out. I can't wait to do it again.


tammy said...

They did turn out great!! :) You can see their personalities in the pictures. Too, too cute!

Remember last year when I asked everyone to vote for teeney tiny Olivia to win a photo session and they won? Well, they'll be having that session sometime this fall. They wanted to wait until she was able to at least sit and stand on her own. I can hardly wait to see those.

4kids1mom said...

So cute. I love that little red chair! We really need to do a family picture too - especially now since we just added a puppy to our clan!

Iva said...

Your family is beautiful! The pictures turned out lovely!