Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Date Night

This date night was several weeks ago, but I somehow forgot to post it. What do you know? Life gets in the way!

When the royal wedding was televised, I knew it'd make a perfect date night. My husband will indulge me by watching pretty much anything on television, but I knew that he has a sweet spot for BBC. When I found out that PBS was televising the BBC feed about the wedding, I knew I had him. It was fun to see the coverage straight from Britain, without the American spin on things.

And what to eat while watching a wedding? Why, wedding food, of course!

We're from Georgia. In the last ten years or so, things have gotten fancier, but the weddings of my childhood memories all take place in the afternoon, with reception to follow in the fellowship hall of the church. No drinking, no dancing. No big meals, just heavy hors d'oeuvres
. So, that's the sort of meal I went with. So good!

Every wedding starts with punch, right? I served two kinds. Strawberry vanilla on the left, and for my sweet husband, redneck punch. Aka Mountain Dew. I forgive him. He was a good sport about the wedding!

We had a veggie plate, chips, open-faced chicken salad finger sandwiches, and some meats and cheeses.

And, since, well, there has to be something fried at any good wedding, and well, I didn't want to do the frying, I opted for samosas. You know. Multi-ethnic surprises and all. I justified this because I know that Indian food and curry houses are crazy popular in England.

More veggies. One of my favorite parts of any party food.

And, because it was a wedding after all.... Dessert!! We shared three different kinds from our local bakery.

Many, many thanks to my sweet husband for indulging my wedding love on this Saturday night. I think he enjoyed it, too. What's not to love about a true-life love story?

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tammy said...

Well, you did, afterall, serve his favorite "punch". :) Great post and insight to making memories and dating your love.