Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping Trip

This camping trip was earlier in the summer. We had a great time in south Georgia, at the flattest (and hottest, with the biggest mosquitoes) campgrounds we've ever seen. My grandparents and Mike's grandparents are from the same 30 mile area, although my one remaining grandfather doesn't live there anymore. So, we don't really have reason to go down there, but the area is familiar.

Mike's sister was down for a wedding, so we decided to combine a camping trip that we'd been talking about with seeing her.

We also checked out a pretty neat zoo. I think that was the highlight for my boys. The zoo was actually really good. Although this alligator pond was huge and totally squicked me out.

It was a great trip! I'm a wimp, and I've refused to go camping this summer until it gets cooler. But, we already have a trip planned for when the weather cooperates in September (oh, please cooperate!). I can't wait.

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