Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Hour Date Night

This summer, our schedules have been all wonky and off center. Late afternoons at the pool, lots of fresh air, and you get boys that mostly don't nap and have an early bedtime, but occasionally throw you a loop. On this day, everyone had napped, and the baby was still asleep. We knew that early bedtimes were in no way a possibility, so we decided to not even try. We used our friend, the electronic babysitter, to steal an hour alone in the backyard for happy hour. It was indeed a happy hour, and we were better at the end for it.

It started with lovely Arnold Palmers. In the summer, I never, ever, get tired of the fabulous mix of half lemonade, half iced tea. The fact that it has a fancy name is just a bonus.

And some of these great Utz chips. There's a story behind them. When we went on our honeymoon (10 years ago), we bought these chips to eat for lunch everyday with our sandwiches, so that we didn't have to leave the beach. We loved them, and they scream "honeymoon" to us. Alas, they are mostly a northeastern thing, so we've only had them at the beach. I spotted them at Kroger last week, and I think I squealed right in the chip aisle. I texted a picture right to Mike. Such a thrill over chips! I love how a food memory can take you right back to another place. This one made us so happy.

And another date (albeit short) in the books. I love this guy, though, so I'm always happy, even for a stolen hour.

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tammy said...

So SWEET! Yea, my crew likes those chips. Of course, living right by the bay you KNOW we see them everywhere. Love that you found them and that you make date nights priority. (esp with the youngun's in your life!!) :)