Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My sweet firstborn

Three years ago, in the middle of the night, I walked into a local hospital not realizing how my life would change. And how very quickly that change would occur. Two days later, we were headed home with this very sweet, very cuddly, very squishy little baby.

These days, that little baby has grown into a big boy who loves to be our helper. He loves to push around his little brother. And sometimes in their toy car.
He loves the special privilege of eating lunch in the living room occasionally.

Mama, can we watch Mighty Machines and eat lunch?? Pwease??
And, mostly, he's full of life and zest. He keeps me on my toes, he loves me like no one else, and I adore that little boy.
Last night, we heard him singing...

Me so happy, so very happy
Me got the love of Jesus in my heart
Nothing more I could ask for.
I love you Will! Happy 3rd birthday!


Unknown said...

This is precious!!!! Happy Birthday to Will!! :)

Anonymous said...

You stole my heart, Will Sinclair....and I am so glad you did...Happy Birthday..

Mrs Swan said...