Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mac's birthday

My sweet Mac turned two last week! He doesn't talk much, but he can say "yes" and "no", so we quizzed him on what he'd like to do for his special day. All sorts of stuff was mentioned--the fountains, the zoo, Honey's house, and the park (all favorites). But, he picked a surprising one--the pet store. So, that morning, off to the pet store we went. We browsed and looked at every animal they had.

On Saturdays, this store hosts a foster/rescue pet society, so there are lots of cats and dogs around. Mac was in heaven. He's definitely my animal lover.

We headed home that afternoon to have Mac's choice for supper. The little boys got these fun blue drinks, the adults got party cups, and my boys helped make everything festive with Cars stickers.

Cupcakes decorated with Cars, and the plate decorated with construction vehicles.

Mac's very favorite food is fruit, so I made a big fruit salad.

And we had a very kid friendly meal--sloppy joes, chips, and fruit salad. He loved it.

Not sure what to think about candles just for him.

But, he quickly figured out the icing part. Last year, we couldn't get him to take even one bite until all our guests had gone home. This year, he's a big boy, and he knows all about treats.
This is the reason Mac knows all about treats. Will has taken it on as his job to educate Mac, and treats have been at the top of that list. "But, Mac, it's goooood!"

Baby Marshall a little unsure about the whole shebang.

I think all three are already dreaming of the next cupcake event.

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