Friday, July 2, 2010

Squash casserole

I love squash casserole. I am from Georgia, and I grew up in the church. I've eaten my share of casseroles. It comes in lots of variations (most of which I like--especially the Mexican cornbread and the Pepperidge Farm stuffing ones). But, my favorite starts with a pure throw-away.

Cracker crumbs.

I store my crackers (chiefly saltines and Ritz) in this jar all year. Crumbs accumulate in the bottom, and I save them for squash season. Whoa to the man who tries to help me "clean" by tossing my cracker crumbs. Those things are precious! They also mean that, while you could substitute smushed whole crackers, I usually don't, and this casserole is a once a year treat.

I also add cheese. About 4 ounces. Squash and cheese is a marriage made in heaven.

All casseroles need something to bind them. I opted for sour cream, but a white sauce, mayonnaise, heavy cream, or even a can of soup would work, too. I also added a couple of eggs to tie everything together.

Then, add the cooked squash and onions. Mine has tiny bits of green in it. I was out of onions, so I had to use the (usually leftover) onions I had frozen. Some of them had cilantro mixed in. We couldn't really taste it, but, hey, it might be a good addition to add even more!

I season liberally with pepper and Tony Cachere's cajun seasoning mix (in place of salt). Mix well, then bake for about 30 minutes.

Squash casserole! Yum. A little taste of summer on the plate.

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zentmrs said...

This looks delicious. I've been looking for some good squash recipes - this may be on our table in the next week or so... have to check my cracker crumb supply....