Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meal Plan

In the move, we ate up almost our entire pantry and freezer. And, then... We moved to a house with a seriously small pantry. So much so that I'm having to rethink my entire food procurement ideas. I've been one that keeps a large variety of food around, and now, I don't really have the storage for that. Until I get this figured out, I think that we'll be the "buy one snack food, eat it until it's gone" sort of people. This week, it's apples and popcorn. Eat up, my peeps!

The other problem with eating up my freezer is that I'm out of a variety in my freezer, too. Usually, when a meat goes on sale, I stock up with several weeks worth. So, each week, I tend to buy one or maybe two varieties of meat, and I have lots to choose from. Since that's not working right now, I'm slowly rebuilding my stock, and I'm relying on the old faithful frugal meals. Which means we're eating lots of beans, dairy, and whole chickens. Thankfully, we love those meals, and it's all good.

Fri-Honey baked turkey, macaroni and cheese, rolls, broccoli salad (used the last of a Honey Baked ham gift card that Mike won last Christmas in a fabulous work promotion)

Saturday-leftovers (lunch), fettucini alfredo, tomato basil salad (supper)

Sunday-out (lunch), breakfast scramble (supper)

Monday-red beans and rice

Tuesday-tortilla soup

Wednesday-stuffed shells, salad

Thursday-chicken tikka masala, rice, curried potatoes and spinach


Quit Eating Out said...

I love that you take the time each week to plan your meals... without the plan I find that I'm stuck with no answer to the inevitable, "what's for dinner?". I hope you and your family are settled into your new beautiful home.... What a great blessing you must be to your children in the decisions and examples you are setting!

EatHealthyLiveWell said...

Oooh. Honey baked ham sounds so good right now.
I'm currently trying to be one of those "buy one snack food, eat it until it's gone" sort of people too - not for lack of space but because we're just currently throwing too much food away. I hope it works well for you!