Friday, October 22, 2010

Stuff and too much of it

Lately, I've come across several posts from different folks in the blogsphere about decluttering and making more from less. Timely for me, as I try to cram all our old stuff into our new house.

The Nester talks here about editing your stuff.
And this is a great post about reminding yourself that there will always be another bargain around.

One of the challenges of our new house is storage. We've got a few main categories of storage--Christmas, outgrown kid clothing (hey, I have 3 little stair steps; it makes sense to pass down clothes), Mike's camouflage (as long as he doesn't mention my craft stash, I won't mention the fact that he hasn't hunted in 10 years), and some childhood memorabilia. We have some definite editing to do (especially in the area of the memorabilia--sob!), but these are the things that need a home, even if they are edited down to the minimums.

So, we opened the attic. And, y'all!!!! We found someone else's junk. I suppose they just forgot it when they moved. Quite inspiring in an anti-hoarders sort of way to throw out someone else's stuff. Stuff that was important at one time. At least important enough to save in the attic. But, in the end, not even important enough to drag back out and move with them. We go it all cleared out, a bulk trash pickup scheduled, and now we have room for our junk.

But, we are definitely motivated to make sure that we are storing the bare minimum of all that stuff (camouflage excepted, of course....I do love that husband, and I really love his non-meddling ways when it comes to my fabric/craft stash).

That's where we are. Still with piles everywhere, still deciding about what to do with various things and do I really need that doll from the 3rd grade? (and the answer to some of them is yes, yes, I do) But, hopefully, the answer to many more is no, you really don't. Bless someone else.

So, I'm off to Goodwill with yet another donation. And, hopefully, yet another reminder that stuff is stuff, and in the end, I'll keep what makes me happy and let go of the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post!! I have been decluttering for the past few years and often ask myself "Does having this change my life?" am still waiting on the kids to want the stuff in my attic, but looks like they want to be burdened with STUFF even less than I do. And I sure don't want to pass on boxes of stuff to remained boxed throughout their lives as well!!
Give me hints and ideas as you come across them...I can use the help. But I mostly need inspiration and motivation!