Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pantry Date Night

This week, our Saturday turned into a longer day than we expected. We went to a farm festival at a local park (a historical 1850s farm), and then we went on a wild goose chase from Craigslist for a rug I just had to have. We ended up a way far, far suburb at 4:00 to get the rug (which is perfect, by the way, and exactly what I wanted and totally worth it). But, that put us getting home right at supper time for the boys (who eat early on Saturday). So, by the time we had fed them and gotten them to bed, we were tired. And neither of us had the energy to grill (the original plan) or get take-out (usually our 2nd choice). So we opened our (very thin, just moved in) pantry to see what we could find.

These drinks are a repeat, but they are so good! I used a spoonful of blueberry lime jam in seltzer with lemon juice (the jam is sweet enough that it doesn't need sugar). Really good.

And, then for our appetizer, we cracked open a can of sardines. Yes, we are that white trash. And proud of it. Well, maybe a little proud. Sardines are always better than we remember, and this was no exception. We ate them with the perfect white trash accompaniment, saltines. Oh yes we did.

And on to the main dish. Nachos with just chips and cheese. Jarred salsa on the side. Some drained yogurt instead of sour cream, cause that's what we had.

We somehow found our football game (go Dawgs!) on the internet, which is way better than the $25 my brother paid for his on pay-per-view. So, we watched it while listening to it on the radio. Cause everyone knows you can't trust strangers to call the game of your beloved team. Oh, no, it has to be the old favorites that you know and love.

And, in the end, our pantry had just what we needed for a great night. Some Georgia football, some time with my husband, and it was perfect. Can't wait for next week.

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