Friday, December 3, 2010

Date Night

Part of our commitment to having an at-home date night means ignoring the rest of the house. I don't know about you, but there is always something to be done. Another project, another email to read, another blog to lose myself in, another magazine to flip through. For Mike, it's a (yet another) podcast on his Blackberry, some raking to do, or some TV to mindlessly flip through.

But, on Saturday nights, we do our best to ignore all those other distractions. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) we end up watching a movie or a TV show, but we watch it together, both paying attention, not distracted by anything else. We'll pause it a million times to talk about something that it brings up, and it's really a fun night.

I share all this, cause it cracks me up that there are laundry baskets in the background of this picture. But, I ignored them on Saturday night, and you know what? They were still there on Sunday morning!! Amazing.. LOL. And, as is the constant in my house, there were more on Monday and Tuesday as well. We are more important than folded laundry, and the laundry will always keep. I like talking to Mike a whole lot more.

We had these fun retro wedge salads with blue cheese dressing. I'm slowly easing dairy out of my diet (I think my little one is a bit sensitive to it), so this was the end of some goodies in the fridge.

These great steaks.

And fabulous onion casserole leftover from Thanksgiving.

We finished the night with a movie that had good reviews, but we just didn't get. At least, we didn't get it together, right? Here's to a happy date night with your beloved!


4kids1mom said...

We need to do this more often! I get so sidetracked with the laundry, picking up the toys, vacuuming, dishes, homework - etc! You know what I mean!! We are going out tonight with friends though, and it's been forever since we've done that!

Kristi (Veggie Converter) said...

Date That really is a great idea to do date night at home. I am jealous of the moms of older kids who have weekly or monthly date nights out of the house (mine are 21 mos. and 4 mos.)..but this is an awesome alternative. Now off to talk the husband into it. ;)