Monday, December 6, 2010

Meal Plan December 6th

So, the first part of last week's meal plan went great. And, then, around Monday, I just didn't like what I had planned. Go figure. We ended up having other stuff. So, I'm putting out what we did eat last week (because sometimes I revisit old menu plans for ideas), as well as what I hope we'll eat this week. We'll see if I feel like my plan this week. Oh, and continuing on last week's experiment, I'm eating mostly dairy free (not worrying about small amounts in baked goods and the like), to see if that improves my littlest boy's excema. Seems like it's working. Sob, sob. Oh, Ben, oh, Jerry, I'm missing you already!

Mon: Thai red curry over rice (post coming tomorrow)

Tues: white turkey chili

Wed: sloppy joe bake, broccoli, salad

Thursday: turnips, cornbread, sweet potato, cornbread

Friday: old el paso style tacos (refried beans, ground beef)

Saturday: leftovers (lunch), tacos de pastor (supper)

Sunday: McRib--on the last day (lunch), pumpkin pancakes (supper)

Monday: salisbury steaks, latkes, salad

Tuesday: Cinicinnati chili

Wednesday: roasted chicken, yellow rice, salad, butter beans

Thursday: black bean soup

I'm also planning on making a batch of hummus to eat for snacks and lunch. I made refried beans in the blender last week, and they turned out incredibly smooth. So, I'm going to try that out on hummus and see how the texture is. We have a local restaurant that makes the smoothest, creamiest hummus that is seriously crave-worthy. If I could figure that out, I'd be in heaven!

As always, I'm linked to orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday . So, so many great ideas over there.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a delicious week! How do you make sloppy joe bake? (Sounds like the start of a bad riddle, doesn't it?)

Lisa said...

I made hummus in the blender - it was delicious, easy and so inexpensive!