Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simple but oh so good

Dairy free is stretching me. On the plus side, it turns out that a lot of my calories are from dairy fat. Who knew? Okay, well, I knew. But, I just love some butter and cream and cheese, and I have been reluctant to give those up. This forced diet change might just be good for the size of my rear end.

We can hope.

One of my favorite easy, easy lunches has always been noodles with butter and parmesan cheese. Obviously, not a good contender for now, but I needed a worthwhile stand-in. Some days, I don't have leftovers, and I'm not really going to whip up anything too complicated for lunch.

Enter nutrtional yeast. Yes, the friend of Moosewood. The iconic hippie food. Don't be a hater. It's good, in an earthy, my mom is on a 70s health kick, sort of way.

Mixed with a little margarine and noodles, it becomes a warm, homey, comforting sort of lunch. I topped this with a little bit of red chile flake infused kosher salt, but that's gilding the lily. This is good stuff.

Ah, there are highlights to this dairy free thing after all.

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Cuddles and Chaos said...

What is that stuff and where did you get it? I've gone dairy free this month too. My stomach feels better but it's not an easy transition.