Monday, January 31, 2011

Last week, I did actually see the bottom of my laundry basket. For a hot minute, that is. My grandfather moved to assisted living recently, and I went and house sat for my mother so that she could go down and see him. I'm in a place where it's hard to travel to see him--not as much money as I'd like, a whole lot of needy little people asking for stuff, and a general sense that a visit from me would be more trouble than good. But, I hate feeling helpless with the situation. So, it was good to get to be a part of taking care of him. House-sitting. Now, that I *can* do. So, we house sat, my mom went down, saw him, finished cleaning out some stuff that needed it, and I feel like I helped. Win win.

This weekend was gorgeous, spring like weather. Today is proving rainy and cool, reminding us that it is still January. I can't wait for spring! But, as always, it's the change and anticipation of the new seasons that gets me. I just love that new feeling.

Friday--chicken marbela pasta (recipe coming tomorrow)
Saturday--out for lunch (thanks, Mom!), salads with chicken nuggets and french fries--supper
Sunday--leftovers (lunch), steak tips with mushrooms over egg noodles, butter beans, salad
Monday--cuban picadillo, rice, salad
Tuesday--catfish, hush puppies, slaw
Wednesday--lentil soup
Thursday--pork chops, butter beans, sweet potatoes

As always, I'm linked to menu plan Monday at Check it out for lots of inspiration.

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Mona said...

love the chicken marbela..can't wait for recipe. :-)
thank you for all you do for means a lot and to Papa too..he just said 'whew' when I told him you were here with the dogs and all your boys. LOL and we couldn't have done it without your help..
header looks real good..