Monday, August 31, 2009

Bristol Date Night

I've said it before, but as embarrassing as it is, we love some Nascar. Fast cars, loud noises, wrecks...really what is there not to love?? My inlaws are forever trying to get my husband to watch golf, but what the man loves is racing. And, my family, well, that's the redneck side of our marriage. Every person in my family has a favorite driver.

We choose to embrace the red. And, one of our favorite races is the Bristol night race every August. The kids of Nascar sing the anthem, Bristol is always exciting, and it's always on a Saturday night. Definitely a highlight of the Nascar season.

So, last week, I made tailgating food. Starting with boneless hot wings.

Spinach artichoke dip with chips.

A family favorite, dried chipped beef dip. It's supposed to be a cheese ball, but I'm lazy.

And, to wash it down? Well, a nod to the Coca-Cola family of racers, of course.

And, as always, I was pulling for my very sentimental favorite. I don't even care that he doesn't win. Go Bobby!!

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Anonymous said...

AHEM........... I gave birth to rednecks, I married rednecks but I am the LONE holdout....I am NOT a redneck....LOL yo..mama