Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unexpected Date Night

My inlaws were visiting this weekend, and I didn't expect to have date night with my husband. That happens sometimes, and life goes on. But.. on Saturday afternoon, they decided to go over to Mike's uncle's house for dinner, and unexpectedly left us alone. I think our boys exhausted them, and they were looking for a break!

We're knee deep in tomatoes around here. Lots of beautiful varieties. It makes my heart smile to see them piled up around the kitchen. The different colors are so pretty, and I love tasting each one and enjoying their differences.

Since it was an unexpected night, I had no drink planned. Mike took this as his opportunity to make his favorite drink (that I can't stand). Virgin Marys (I do like the name, though; I think it's funny). He could only handle one of them, cause they are thick and filling.

I taste tested the punch from Mac's party instead. Virgin Marys are pretty, though. Here he garnished this one with a basil leaf.

We finished the night with some trashy TV (we thought of you, Mal, as we watched the Real Housewives!!) It was a fun, extra treat of a night.

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Anonymous said...

I feel honored that trashy tv makes you think of me!!! lol (I thought of you while watching it as well though...haha)