Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Date night!

Saturday night, in a HUGE break from our usual at-home date nights, we got to go out. In public. Without children. Enjoy a meal that didn't include a single bib, a highchair, or the phrase, "food is for eating only." Special thanks go to Honey and Poppy (my mom and stepdad) for keeping our monkeys.

Oh, and because it was a birthday, we went to a wonderful local place with a James Beard nominated chef. To die for.

buffaloed quail breasts with chopped lettuce,
celery, carrot and ‘ranch’ dressing
grilled skirt steak, salsa rossa, a spring stew of asparagus,
farro, shiitake, swiss chard
maple pecan pie

Everything...the company, the meal, the childless-ness. Everything was so wonderful. We can't wait to do it again.

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tammy said...

It is special when you can get out on your own for a dinner, isn't it? I remember way back then...especially that period between ordering and receiving your food when you don't have to be entertaining the little monkeys. Sheer bliss!! :) Glad you got some grown up dinner time.