Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years, our kind of way

My big boy has taken to saying "my kind of way" for anything that he really likes. We've encouraged (with just decent, not great, success) him to sleep until 7:00 in the morning, so he says that "7:00 is my kind of time, Mama!!!" When the dog is being nice, "Mama, Pete is my kind of dog!!"

He cracks me up.

So, this year, we celebrated New Year's Eve our kind of way!! Which means that we celebrated long before midnight (notice that sunlight coming through the windows?)

I bought the "special drink" that the boys had begged for. Who can blame them? That package is mighty cool.

And we toasted.
Everyone got in on the action.
Later on, Mike and I enjoyed a special date night without our kind of boys. We love seafood, so it shows up for a lot of holiday and special dinners. This is barbecue shrimp, best messily enjoyed with someone you love a whole lot. And not on a first date! Cause that sauce is going to get all over your face. Just be warned. But, the taste. Oh, the taste. Definitely worth a messy face.

And we topped the night with a last taste of the holidays and some eggnog ice cream.

Even if our toast was at 5pm, it definitely was my kind of night!

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Betsy, your boys are just precious!