Thursday, January 21, 2010

What we're up to!

Picasa is being a booger this week about uploading photos. Grrrr....

But, it's been a fun, frugal week around here. We stood in line for a grand opening at the local Einstein Bagels store, and both Mike and I won 52 egg bagel sandwiches. Good for a year from opening day, so breakfast for a year. Woohoo! What a fun treat. And, our boys were especially excited to go on an "adventure" before 5 in the morning.

We've stuck to the pantry meal plan pretty well. I had one weak moment where I really, really (really!) wanted some take-out. But, then, someone started screaming, and I decided that home was a better place to be. Amazing how that works! We scrapped the planned dinner and ended up with carbonara. Totally luxurious, rich, and oh, so good.

This week has shown us some beautiful weather! It finally feels like it's really January, with highs in the low 60s, instead of the crazy 20s and 30s we saw at the beginning of the month. Last June, I set a crazy goal of playing on the playground of every park in our county. We frequently get distracted, but I still have my list, and we make headway on it every now and then. Only 24 more parks to go!!

And, finally, I attended a great cooking class from The Chinese Southern Belle. We learned to make egg rolls, spring rolls, and Thai basil rolls. It was a hands on class, and it was so much fun! I can't wait to try and impress Mike with spring rolls this weekend. The best frugal part? The class was at my favorite international market . They are experimenting with getting new customers in the market, and this was something new for them. The class was only $10, and at the end, we got a $10 gift certificate! Since I shop there anyway, this made the class (and my supper!) completely FREE. What a great deal.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures on here soon!

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