Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Date Night Saturday

We still have a little visitor with us on Saturday nights (he sleeps in his bouncy chair next to us until we all go upstairs to bed), but being our third baby, we can really appreciate that he doesn't talk or move around. ~big smiles~

So, this week, we put the big boys to bed early, and we enjoyed a celebration meal of sorts. We've had a large decision looming over us for quite a while. We have prayed together, prayed separately, fasted, talked about it to a few trusted folks, and thought and thought and thought. And, last week, we finally came to a decision. We still have our moments of doubt, but I think it's the right decision for our family.

And, so we did what we always do when we have a big moment in our lives.

We ate.

Last week, the boys and I picked blueberries and figs one morning. I used the end of the blueberries in this fabulous cocktail, Blueberries Gone Wild. Truth be told, I really loved the name! I used sugar syrup instead of agave, and I substituted seltzer for the gin. I also threw in a few micro basil leaves. It turned out great (and beautiful).

For celebrations, we generally turn to shellfish. These are beautiful Georgia shrimp.

Add a few of our favorite ingredients.

That's Plugra butter. I found it on clearance a few weeks ago, and I froze it for the next time I made this dish. It is really rich, and oh so good.

A salad with tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.

And some wonderful barbecue shrimp. This is one of our favorite meals for date night--it's a lot of fun to dig into the same big dish together, breaking off pieces of bread, and dipping them into the sauce. Sort of like fondue, but easier.

Ironically, we ended the evening with a movie that emphasized seizing the moment and not letting life pass you by. Sort of a cheesy movie, but it spoke to the decision we had made earlier in the week. Timely, I suppose. All I know is that it felt like a little whisper from God. And I love hearing those whispers.

I can't talk enough about how much I look forward to dedicated time with my husband. Even if it's coffee one morning a week, everyone ought to carve out some time for their marriage. It's very much worth it!

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Jacqueline said...

Your shrimp looks so incredible. It looks like a recipe we do that we call Lemon Pepper shrimp. It is a family favorite. My son when he was in 2nd grade wanted to have his teacher over and serve her this. I had to explain that not everyone loves shrimp the way we do. I think this would be wonderful for sunday. We haven't had it for forever.