Monday, July 27, 2009

date night

Saturday was a red letter day around here. Not only did I leave the boys overnight for the first time (I went to a planning retreat for my moms' gorup), but....

We had our first ripe tomato!!

And, of course, around here, that means celebration. We chose to have salsa. This is made with 4 types of tomatoes (pineapple, mortgage lifter, juliette grape, and chocolate cherry), plus 3 types of peppers (serrano, sweet banana, and cayenne).

Taco night is one of our favorites.

No special drink this week, as I was exhausted from staying up way past my bedtime Friday night. And poor Mike was exhausted from playing Mama for 24 hours. So, tacos it was, along with the last of the Sopranos (we're a bit behind in pop culture).

I was just happy to be home with him, though. We're lucky that we're both homebodies, and a quiet Saturday night is the best end of the week we can imagine.

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