Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mushy zuchinni

The other morning, I opened my produce drawer and found a mushy zuchinni. Honestly, this time of year, it's probably to be expected. We have so many of them, that a few of the squash are just going to get overlooked.

No big deal. I threw it out, made sure that the mush wasn't on any of the other zuchinni, and all was well.
And, then, I checked facebook.
A friend had posted some great news. Fabulous news. And I wasn't happy for her.
I was jealous.
For a brief moment, I told myself that I was totally justified in my jealousy. Why, she had just gotten something that I really wanted. Well, I deserved it, too. She was no better than me. In fact, maybe she was worse than me! I really, really needed that thing. Really.
Let me just say. Mush doesn't look good if it's on zuchinni or if it's in your very own heart. Mush is never a good thing. And, luckily for me, God saw fit to reveal that particular mush on that day so that I could throw it out, make sure the mush was cleaned up, and move on. Now that is mercy. And I am so very thankful for it.
Every man's way is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts. Proverbs 21:2


Anonymous said...

that's some wisdom right there...

Rebecca said...

infinitely wise and a good dose of reality for us all.

FB can be Satan's tool...I found myself irritated and feeling left out one day when I was on there, and shortly after that day I noticed a single mom's status report: "I'm not sure I like this place." I dropped her a private message to see if she meant FB, and sure enough, she did. I was so glad to be able to encourage her. A status might sound perfect, but facts are facts: not a single one of us is perfect!