Monday, July 13, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

A little late this week, but you knew I had one....

Friday: tacos (with the first homemade pico de gallo of the season!)

Saturday: out (lunch), Trader Joes frozen chicken, frozen dumplings (supper)

Sunday: ramen (lunch), grilled chicken thighs, grilled zuchinni, corn on the cob, cucumber tomato salad (supper)

Monday: okra, corn, and tomatoes over rice, cucumbers in vinegar

Tuesday: Asian dumpling soup, cabbage/ramen salad with chicken added

Wednesday: grits and grillades, sauteed bok choy or zuchinni (we'll see what needs eating worse)

Thursday: chili (I saw a recipe somewhere that added zuchinni in the chili; I'm trying to work up courage to try that)

As always, orgjunkie has hudreds of meal plans to browse and get lost in. Check them out!

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