Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kroger Bargain Meal July 19-25

We had this week's Kroger bargain meal for breakfast today. It's one of our favorites, and it's perfect as the tomatoes start to come in. This is a meal I make pretty often, as we really like it. Several years ago, Rachael Ray had a show called $40 a Day. A dish from that show inspired this one. It's come a long way from there, though. The dish also sort of resembles migas. Around here, I just call it "eggs", because an under-described dish drives my husband nuts, and I find that hilarious first thing in the morning. You might need to find your own name for the dish.

You start with vegetables. This is half an onion, some hot banana peppers, and a cayenne pepper. Plus a big handful of tomatoes. These are Matt's wild cherry ones. Very tasty, but teeny tiny, so kind of a pain to cook with. Worth it, though. Oh, and some cheese. This is half cheddar and half pepper jack, but use whatever you like. I also added some sausage.

It needs salt, so I decided that Tony Cachere's was the way to go. Any salt will work, though.

You cook everything together. All the sausage (or bacon or no meat) and vegetables. Let it get soft and let any moisture cook out. Season pretty liberally with whatever salt you're using. Lots of veggies, lots of eggs. They need salt. (dude, I sound like a crazy salt woman. I promise my blood pressure is fine. I just like salt.)

You finish the dish by cooking some scrambled eggs right in the same pan, then topping with cheese. Even though the dish is egg-based, you still want most of the flavors to be veggies and sausage. So, I don't overdo the eggs. But, that's just how I like it.

And you end up with this plate of deliciousness. Not so beautiful, but very tasty.

For 4 servings, these are the quantities I'd use
8 eggs--on sale $0.59/dozen--$0.40
1 onion--$0.25
1 tomato, or whatever you have--$0.50
1 bell pepper, or whatever peppers you like--$0.50
1 cup cheese--on sale $1.49/8 oz--$0.75
1/2 pound sausage--on sale $1.69/lb--$0.85

Grits--approx $0.30
Milk (I make my grits with half water/half milk)--on sale $1.99/gal--$0.25
Toast--on sale $1/loaf--$0.50

Total cost--$4.30

As always, $5dinners has lots of good ideas for creating economical meals straight from your grocery store flyers.

Bargain Meal of the Week

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LisaBW said...

Betsy, that looks really good. I like salt, too.