Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cheese tacos

This post is all about Mike.

God bless him, he is a great husband. A great father. A wonderful provider. A loving son and brother. My mom would add that he's a good son-in-law, too. And, of course, lest we forget, he is the Tomato King, provider of all garden goodness that goes on in our house.

But just one thing. He ain't a chef.

So, when I take a night off, he fends for himself and the boys, and they usually have the same thing. Cheese tacos. Different than quesadillas, for this is the man version, or so I hear. He lays tortillas out on a cookie sheet, covers with cheese, then bakes until everything melts. When they come out of the oven, they are rolled *just so* and enjoyed.

Last week, when I came home from a cooking class, I noticed this picture on my camera. Cheese tacos, all fancied up.

It makes me smile, cause I know that those cheese tacos were all a part of giving this mama a night off. Which is a very rare and very appreciated treat. So, when I look at cheese tacos, I see love.

I love you, too, Mikey.


Mona said...

what a sweet post and yes he is the BEST son in law.. :-)

Melinda said...

Love sends its message in lots of ways - including cheese tacos. Lovely