Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The most pitiful menu plan yet

I almost skipped this week. Cause, y'all. This is pitiful. But, in the spirit of transperency and honesty (and being able to look back and know what we survived!), I thought I'd throw it out there. Before my sweet baby was born 3 months ago, I found a great deal on ground beef. So, I stockpiled 17 pounds. As well as a month of pre-cooked meals. Then, we had friends bring us a couple of weeks of suppers. And, my husband's boss sent Omaha steak burgers (in the form of 6 more pounds of ground beef). That's a lot of ground beef.

Shortly after his birth, we made the decision to move, and we've been eating out of the freezer, cause who wants to move all that food? So, we're now at the bitter end. And, let me say, even for this self-proclaimed burger lover, I am TIRED of ground beef. Over it. Dreaming of chicken. About to die if I have to eat any more. TIRED. But, by golly, it's a challenge, and the freezer will not beat me! We can do it!! I have great faith in us.

Fri: pizza with GROUND BEEF. Heaven help us.

Sat: nachos (again with the beef)

Sun: tacos with pintos and BEEF

Mon: spaghetti (yep, you guessed it), salad

Tues: all BEEF hot dogs, slaw, baked beans (busy night)

Wed: cooking class for me; pancakes or quesadillas for the family

Thurs:at the EMC picnic; I am praying for chicken

Fri: salisbury steaks with mushrooms (comical at this point), rice, green beans

Sat: gumbo (and NO ground beef!!)

And, if you are looking for a meal plan with a little less beef, check out orgjunkie's Meal Plan Monday. Sure to find lots of good options over there!


Olivia said...

Very funny! You should read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We just finished it yesterday, and boy was I glad when they had their first meal of meat! It might make all your beef a little easier to stomach! It sounds like a yummy, beefy week!

tammy said...

At least your iron levels should be good. :) I do hope you get chicken at that picnic.