Sunday, May 17, 2009

Date night!

We've recently (um, this week) made the switch to a Saturday date night. An early bedtime on Friday was becoming an impossible task, with little boys that were so excited about the weekend and spending time with Daddy. So, we gave up. It seems Fridays are morphing into stay-up-a-little-late nights, enjoying the beginning of the weekend. As a plus, our Saturdays are usually busy, and that makes early bedtime much easier.

Cause as much as I love those little boys, I really love their Daddy, too.

This week was a back to normal (after weeks of sickness and hospitals and, before that, birthday celebrations) at home date-night, complete with take out from one of our favorites. As a born and bred southerner, it gives me a special thrill to pick up calzones from a guy with a pure Bronx accent. Makes me feel exotic and all.


The best salad dressing you'll ever eat

A classic summer drink, Arnold Palmers.

And we topped the evening with a retro throw back--three of the episodes from the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210. How fun! We have the whole first season on Netflix, so we'll be enjoying those this summer. Takes me right back. So, don't mind me if I bust out my high waisted jeans sometime soon. It's cool, cause it's retro, you know.

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