Monday, May 11, 2009

Kroger Bargain Meal May 10-16

Bargain Meal of the Week

Where I live, a covered dish just isn't a covered dish without some version of hashbrown casserole. And, honestly, some of the versions? Not that great. This one is our favorite. I love that one recipe makes two 8x8 pans, which is enough for us for two meals. I make one and freeze one. The second one is ready to go for covered dish, supper for a new baby, or just for a busy day. I love having stuff in my freezer for busy days.

Sometimes, I serve hashbrown casserole as a side dish for breakfast for supper. Quick, easy, and the "fancy-ness" of the hashbrowns disguises just how simple the meal is. Other times, it's a great side dish for regular supper-time meats, and sometimes, it's a good solid side dish for a vegetable plate dinner. This week is a simple one. Roasted chicken, hashbrown casserole, and broccoli.

Chicken (use 2 pounds bone in for 4 people)--on sale--$1.99
Hashbrowns--on sale--$0.99
Cheese--on sale 24 oz/$3.99--$1.33
Cream of chicken soup--approx $1
Sour cream--approx $1
Butter--approx $0.63
Broccoli--on sale $0.99/pound--$1

Total cost--$8.19

Minus the cost of the smaller hashbrown casserole now in your freezer ($2.10)--$6.09

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tammy said...

We call this cheesey potatoes here and don't use the chicken or broccoli. It's always a side at a brunch and gets inhaled! Great idea to add the broccoli and chicken and call it a meal. :)