Friday, May 15, 2009

Enjoying summer

Will loves playing in the hose. At our house, I'm all about keeping it simple. If a toy somehow finds it's way to us (um, which translates as the Salvation Army, consignment sales, or a grandparent), we're all over it. If not, well, I figure that we're making memories by playing with regular ole' stuff (how's that for justifying a frugal lifestyle?). This is at Honey's house, with the fancy, lots of sprays to choose from, hose.

And, in big news, Mac is crawling!! Woohoo! Now that he has a reason to be on his belly, he's also rolling over regularly. I had suspected that he knew how to roll over, just didn't see the point (he hates being stuck on his tummy). And, yep, as soon as he knew how to crawl, he's rolling over all the time. Chasing Will, chasing the dog, and trying to pull up on anything he can. Watch out! Here comes Mac!

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