Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer dishes

Dishes are so pretty.

I love looking at them, reminiscing about the memories they hold, using them, and setting a pretty table.

So, when I got married, I went for quantity. LOL. I chose not to get any fancy bone china that would pass muster for the queen. Instead, I have 3 sets of everyday china. It's still beautiful, even if it came from the ordinary kitchen section of Rich's.

What to do with 3 sets of dishes? Well, for me, I can't stand knowing that beautiful dishes are sitting lonely in my china cabinet. So, I switch them with the seasons. Holiday china for November and December, flowers for winter and spring, and, then, I pull out this beautiful white pattern for summer and fall.

It is a white on white pattern that I adore. When we got married, it was on sale at Rich's, and I drove to 5 different stores, all over the city, trying to find all the pieces. It worked! Between wedding gifts and my bridal insanity, we have service for 12, plus many of the serving pieces.

It really showcases summer flavors beautifully. I like the way all the colors of this time of year show up so well on these plates.

Of course, in a perfect world, I'd have 4 sets. One for each season. Or maybe 12. One for each month. If you see me in the china department at Belk's, just ignore me. I'm dreaming about my next set.

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