Monday, June 22, 2009

Meal Plan

Our garden is hopping! I think this is the last week of our lettuce until fall, though we may stretch it for 2 more weeks. We harvested all the radishes yesterday, and they'll go in a stir-fry later this week. We'll plant more this fall. My toddler has loved to pull them up. They have nice flavor, though I'm not quite sure what type they are. We bought the seeds at our local Korean supermarket, and the packaging is mostly in Korean, with the English translation "radish." Alrighty then. Whatever. They are quite tasty. I actually think that they are similar to a daikon, but not quite.

Friday: fried shrimp, squash casserole, salad

Saturday: enchiladas, salad, refried beans

Sunday: grilled hot dogs, roasted new potatoes, purple cabbage slaw

Monday: roasted chicken, pasta with zuchinni and chick peas, salad

Tuesday: hamburgers, grilled zuchinni, grilled baby bok choy, salad

Wednesday: black eyed pea soup with andouille and mixed greens (mustard, chard, turnips, collards), rice, salad

Thursday: stir fry with bok choy, chinese cabbage, radishes, beef over ramen

Friday: chilaquiles with chard (yes, again, but we really like them, they use lots of vegetables, and they are very, very easy)

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