Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frugal Successes of this week

It is no secret that I love vegetables. Green ones, red ones, yellow ones. Bring it on! This week's new experiment was an old favorite with swiss chard added. Chilaquiles is a crazy frugal meal, cause it uses day-old tortillas. I added in the chard with the tomato sauce. This was sooo good. I will definitely make it again.

Remember my personal shopper? She found a train table for our playroom! What an awesome find. I debated and debated over one at a spring consignment sale, and I finally walked away and let a friend pay the $40 for it. My mom was able to snag this one for 10 bucks. Ten bucks people. Once again, she rocks.

Inspired to look a little more stylish by Balancing Beauty and Bedlam's Frugal Fashionista Fridays, I went shopping in my own closet. Over the past 4 years, 2 pregnancies, 2 postpartum bodies, and feet that grew an entire size (to a very popular 10.5), I have very few clothes and shoes that fit well. Somehow, I had overlooked these sandals (bought too big, before I had my first baby). They are almost brand new, I still love them (that's why I bought them even too big), and these days, they fit perfectly. Score!

Last night, I had a great Moms' Night Out with friends from my MOPS group. And, lucky for us, the restaurant that was chosen had coupons in Sunday's paper. Several of us brought coupons, and there were enough for the whole table. Dinner out, including tax and tip, was only $10. Time with friends and no cutting up the meat on someone else's plate? Makes that $10 totally worth it. And, getting to see everyone else's frugal side? Not too shabby either.

I love my Korean grocery store. Sometimes, at the front of the store, they have these huge flats of the even-better-than-normal deals. So, sometimes, you come home with a two and a half pound bag of spinach. Watch out Popeye! We're gaining on you.

It really saves money on laundry when you let your toddler wear his jammie shirt all day long. Saves on Ibuprofen for Mama's headaches, too.

Cheap summer fun with the hose. Sometimes a plant or two even gets watered.

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